Tyrannosaurus rex Exclusive Print


This illustration shows the carnivorous theropod dinosaur known as Tyrannosaurus rex, whose name means "Tyrant Lizard King".


This animal is undoubtedly the most famous dinosaur in the world and inhabited what is now North America during the Cretaceous period approximately 68 million years ago.


This Tyrannosaurus design was made by the artist Julio Lacerda and is officially approved by our scientific adviser Roberto Díaz Sibaja and Agustín Martinelli.


I would also like to clarify three things, the first is that Roberto Diaz Sibaja, also known as Palaeos in the YouTube world, will upload a video in the future where he will explain why our Tyrannosaurus has feathers in its adult state.


And the second is that our Tyrannosaurus Rex will not appear in the first season of the Mesozoic Life series because the first season focuses on Argentina, Europe and Africa and the famous T. rex did not inhabit any of these three places.


And the third is that the team decided that the animal should be represented walking along the edge of a late Cretaceous forest and while moving it sees something in the horizon that worries it and begins to open its jaws trying to look intimidating but at the same time natural.


And finally, I tell you that the appearance and proportions of this Tyrannosaurus Rex are based on those of the FMNH 2081 holotype better known as Sue, which is the most complete Rex specimen discovered to date.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - 2020 Exclusive Print

  • A5: 14,8 x 21 cm

    A3: 29,7 x 42 cm

    A2: 59.4 x 42 cm