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Greetings, the first collectible figure of the Mesozoic Life project is currently in development. Specifically, we've chosen Ramses and Cleopatra, our two Spinosaurus agyptiacus, to be the first of our exclusive collectible figures, although the first to launch will be Ramses, the male Spinosaurus.
Different test 3D prints are currently being carried out to obtain the most detailed models possible.
Below you can see conceptual arts and renderings of these figures and even an exclusive video of the printing of the first version of this figure that will be 1:64 scale and later other larger scales such as 1:35 will come for example

Modelo nuevo v2.png

Spinosaurus 2020 Concept Art
(Raul Ramos)


Spinosaurus agyptiacus 2020 3D Model

(Jacob Baardse)

Below you have a preview of the 3D print of the head of our 1:64 scale Spinosaurus Figure made by Raul Ramos and also different captures of how it turned out.

As you can see, the scale is 1:64 this time but it is planned to release other larger versions such as 1:35 scale for example, also there is still time to polish some

details and ensure that the figure and its details are the best possible.