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Greetings, the first collectible figure of the Mesozoic Life project is currently being developed, which will be the fusion of the work of three of our main paleoartists who are Raúl Ramos, Jacob Baardse and Vitor Silva.


Specifically, we have chosen Ramses and Cleopatra, our two Spinosaurus agyptiacus, to be the first of our exclusive collectible figures.

Currently the different conceptual arts and renderings of these figures have already been designed by Raul Ramos and you can see them below.

2019 Conceptual Art 
(Raul Ramos)


(Male Spinosaurus)

Cleopatra Color Final (Raul Ramos).jpg


(Female Spinosaurus)


 Renders of the positions of both figures
(the male on the right and the female on the left)

modelo 3D.jpg

Spinosaurus agyptiacus 2019 3D Model
(Jacob Baardse)

And this would have been the aspect of our first figure if it were not that a new discovery was recently made regarding Spinosaurus, thus revealing a new aspect for this more scientifically correct animal. To know more about this, click on the following illustration:


Two Spinosaurus hunt Onchopristis

(Davide Bonadonna)

After knowing this, we got down to work to update our Spinosaurus design so that it was more in line with the latest paleontological discoveries and this is the result:

Modelo nuevo v2.png

Spinosaurus 2020 Concept Art
(Raul Ramos)


Spinosaurus agyptiacus 2020 3D Model

(Jacob Baardse)

And finally this is the new updated 3D model of our Spinosaurus. We are currently working on details to successfully complete the first prototype of this figure and make a video so that they can better choose this new product from the Mesozoic Life project. 


For now, we offer you more shots from various angles of the current 3D model seen above: