On this website all the exclusive products of the Mesozoic Life project will be sold.

These products will be developed as the corresponding goals are reached in the project Patreon.

Among the products you can find different Prints Signed by our paleoartists and officially approved by our scientific advisors, including biologists and paleontologists.

In the same way, in the future the first exclusive collectible figure of the project for sale will be added that something that the fans of the series are waiting for more can not.

The sale of all these products will be used to raise funds to carry out the Animated series of which the first Teaser Trailer has already been premiered on the official YouTube (Spanish) and Vimeo (English) channels.

Keep in mind that if you support the project in Patreon you can obtain a series of privileges and advantages such as discounts on all our products of up to 45% and much more that you have detailed below.

Thank you for your interest in the project!



By supporting the Mesozoic Life Project on our official Patreon website, you can get multiple advantages and rewards including discounts of up to 45% on each and every one of our exclusive products for sale.


Feel free to choose the Tier that best suits your needs and get your favorite products from this website at a spectacular price by clicking on the corresponding icon of the chosen Tier.


The Mesozoic Life Project has a total of Seven Tiers of Patreon and each of which is represented by its own prehistoric Creature and which are:

TIER "COMPY"  1$/Month
TIER "VELO"  3$/Month
TIER "AVA"  5$/Month
TIER "CERATO"  10$/Month
TIER "ALLO"  20$/Month
TIER "GIGA"  30$/Month
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TIER "VELO"  3$/Month

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